The meeting will focus on the integration of Mercury science and policy in the context of the UNEP Minimata Convention, as well as bioaccumulation, epidemiology and risk assessment of Mercury in a changing climate.

The symposium will address the following themes:
  • Identification of research and practical needs to develop global, regional and local networks for monitoring Hg emissions and releases
  • Harmonization of different local, regional and global policies for Hg management for contaminated sites (i.e., definition of adequate reference toxicity values)
  • Accelerate transfer of cutting edge global scale research and monitoring into implementation of the Convention
  • Environmental and Public Health
  • Assess and evaluate progress on global data management, storage and access and retrieval (UNEP LIVE and GMOS Platforms)

Keynote lectures will alternate with breakout sessions, where topics can be discussed more in-depth from both a science & policy angle. A closing plenary discussion will bring a holistic perspective on the techniques and approaches for evaluating the effectiveness of the Minamata Convention on Mercury.

View the programme as developed by the Steering Committee.

Do not hesitate to contact Roel Evens if you have any questions.