View below the presentations of the meeting. Note for reasons of confidentiality, not all presentations are publicly available.

Day 1

Global Environmental Change, Mercury Pollution and Environmental Governance: An Introduction
Michael Bank, University of Massachusetts, USA
An Introduction to the Minamata Convention and UNEP Mercury Programme
Eisaku Toda, UNEP, Switzerland
Overview of the Mercury Cycle in Environmental Compartments: Perspectives from Air, Sea and Land
Milena Horvat, Jo┼żef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

Mercury in Fish: Models, Drivers and Patterns I
Karen Kidd, University of New Brunswick, Canada
Advances in Mercury Bioaccumulation Modeling of Sensitive Species and Ecosystems
Michael Bank, University of Massachusetts, USA
A highlight of major GMOS outcomes and its potential in supporting nations in the implementation of the Minamata Convention
Nicola Pirrone, CNR-IIA, Italy
Developing a Guidance Document for Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Minamata Convention: An emphasis on the need for Knowledge and Data Management Systems
David Evers, Biodiversity Research Institute, USA Nicola Pirrone, CNR-IIA, Italy

Day 2
Mercury in Fish: Models, Drivers and Patterns II
Amund Maage NIFES, Norway
Advances in Mercury Stable Isotope Techniques and Source Apportionment Technologies
David Amouroux, CNRS, France and Jeroen Sonke, University of Toulouse, France
Human biomonitoring as a tool for exposure and risk assessment
Irina Zastenskaya (WHO, Germany)

Advances in Our Understanding of the Chemical Forms and Concentrations of Gaseous Oxidized Mercury in the Atmosphere
Mae Sexauer Gustin, University of Nevada, USA
Definition of toxicity reference values and derivation of Environmental Quality Standards
Mario Carere ISS, Italy